Calling All Pioneers!

I wrote a blog a few weeks back about the amount of stellar talent on the market RIGHT NOW.  These folks are top talent that are available and in need of finding their next opportunity immediately.  These are people that wouldn’t even remotely entertain a call from any of us at even the start of Q1, but here they are, ready and willing to sign on the dotted line.

This may be a rehash, but I feel compelled to reiterate once again the need to start looking at hiring some of these people now.  We are starting to see our client base limping back to life and trying to reclaim and homestead what is to be theirs once again. 

Here at The Jiles Group, we are already starting to see these things come to fruition.  Our clients that were on a “freeze” are now lifting them and as a result, offers are being extended and accepted.  We even had a client reactivate this past week that we had not spoken to in ages.  They are building their team out once again regardless of what the current “climate” is.  Good for them!

The fact remains, we don’t have a crystal ball and we simply cannot predict exactly what the new norm is going to look like.  We can be relatively certain there will be less handshaking, a lot more mask-wearing, and corporate America has to be “rethinking” things when it comes to allowing for remote work.  In fact, Twitter just announced that it will let some of their employees now work from home “forever” and come into the office only when they choose to IF they choose to. 

We have very little control or influence over what the government is going to do, but what we can control is what we do both personally and professionally.  If those of us business owners that planned well and still have reserves can collectively and fiscally get on with it, maybe just maybe we will help pioneer the way back and breathe some life back into our business world, even if only from the safety of our dining room table.