Job applications and interviewing can be daunting and discouraging if you keep getting turned down. However, learning how to be unique and distinguished from other job seekers goes a long way in securing you a job. Here are some hacks on how to be distinct from other job seekers.

Make sure you have a LinkedIn profile

The first thing recruiters and hiring managers typically do is look you up on LinkedIn.  Be sure you have a LinkedIn profile that mirrors your resume.  Also, have a nice picture of yourself and a cover photo so your profile is complete. It humanizes you beyond a resume and puts a face with the name.

Tie all you can back to revenue

If you are in sales or your role contributes to the overall revenue of the company at all, monetize your contributions.  If you’ve been a top seller, be sure to put your goal and achievements either at or above and beyond goal for each year of employment. 

Cite your awards and achievements

State any awards you have won, such as President’s Club or similar, as well as achievements you are proud of in bringing solutions to problems you have previously encountered. Give examples of specific challenges you faced in your previous workplace and the innovative and creative solutions you used to solve them.

Prove that you did your homework about the company

Research the company and the employer so you are ready to answer any questions that come through regarding the company. You demonstrate that you have information about the company by tying your answers to what you learn about them. Take your time to know about its culture, mission, vision, values, and recent achievements and improvements. Having this understanding assists you in learning how you can contribute to their needs and showcase that on your cover letter, which impresses the hiring manager since it displays your affection about the company.  Be prepared to do a quick elevator pitch as well on what products and services the company offers.

Thank you note

Yes, it may seem old fashioned, but thank you notes are still looked for and can give you the edge if the decision is between you and another candidate.  Email is acceptable, but a well thought out email discussing the main points and what you took away from the interview is key.  Then, a follow up with a handwritten thank you note could just be the cherry on top. You don’t want to JUST do the handwritten note because we can’t always rely on the post. However, there are plenty of hiring managers that will just about eliminate someone if they don’t follow up within 24 hours post interview. At a minimum, it may give them pause.

Ask important questions

An interview is also an opportunity for candidates to inquire more about a company. After doing your homework about the company, you can come up with some questions and direct them to the potential employers during the interview. This demonstrates that you are dedicated to the process and interested in the company. You could inquire about their goals towards the community and how you can contribute towards them. You could also consider asking about family members’ involvement in the community. Have a nice portfolio to take notes in as well as extra copies of your resume and supervisor references.

Take Away

Yes, it can be daunting trying to find the right role for you, but how you present yourself is key.  Following these guidelines may make or break landing that next dream job. It’s a jungle out there!