Want to Become an Industry Thought Leader? Here’s What It Takes

Becoming a known thought leader in your industry can allow you to reach a level of success you have only ever dreamed of. Though while dreams can be made into reality, it comes with a price tag of hard work, long hours, commitment, and dedication. To become recognized as a thought leader requires a multi-pronged marketing approach that leaves no stone unturned, no blog unwritten.


How to Create Your Personal Marketing Strategy.

 When trying to become a thought leader you need to approach the task much like any sales assignment, with a clear, concise plan of attack. You are selling yourself, your experience, and your expertise.  


Focus on a Particular Niche in Your Industry.

 The first step (and most important) is to determine what area you want to focus on. When deciding where to focus your efforts, think about your background and experiences and how they make you unique. You’ll have to narrow your list of experiences to a few key areas to determine where you stand apart; there’s a reason no one has ever been considered a ‘general-purpose thought leader.’ Try to find a trending niche area that will drive interest and popularity. Finally, when making the ultimate decision on where you will focus your efforts, think about how you might brand yourself and what types of media you would utilize to spread your word.

Create and Develop Your Brand, Your Brand is Constantly Evolving. 

Once you have determined your niche, it’s time to turn to your brand. The brand incorporates a wide range of things, from deciding which platform you will use to get your message out to website design. Just like in any other marketing campaign, make sure that all your materials, videos, and social media platforms have a unified look and feel.


Recruit and Build Your Network of both Leaders and Followers.

Merely developing a message and putting it out there in the hope that people will find it will not lead to overnight success. You have to help people find you and give them a reason to listen; you need a network.  As you start to grow your network, you need to think about recruiting both leaders and followers. While followers are important to spread your word, leaders are just as influential. Leaders will legitimize your status as a thought leader. Interacting with these leaders will grow your reputation and build the foundation of your brand.

Write, Blog, Publish, and Talk.

The best way to get your message out is by writing, blogging, and talking. Write articles and get them published in industry publications. Start a blog and try to drive consistent traffic to it by updating it regularly. Also, use your blog to respond to and interact with guest comments. Take any opportunity to speak in public at conferences and panels. By doing these activities, you are raising your public image, brand, and establishing your expertise for the world to see.

Get Your Word Out.

Much in line with blogging, it’s important to get your message out in several ways. Make sure your message is available on multiple platforms, in various mediums. The primary driver of getting the word out is ensuring that your message is seen by as many eyeballs as possible. It’s a pure numbers game where with each set of eyes the probability of your message making an impact out in the world grows.


Drive Innovation and Spark Unique Creativity. 

The most important aspect of getting your message out as a thought leader is sparking views and gaining popularity. The best way to accomplish this task is to bring innovative thoughts and new, fresh ideas to the table.


Moving Forward.

Being known as a thought leader is a huge deal in today’s very popularity driven social media environment. Thought leaders can achieve much success, but this requires time and work with a bit of luck thrown in. If you are considering trying to become a thought leader its best to consult an industry leader, a professional recruiter, who can help you shape a career strategy to make your dream come true. eSearchPro a leading specialty search firm specializing in placing executive talent in the United States, Canada, UK and Ireland. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.


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