This is all such a strange thing, isn’t it?  This Covid-19.  How many of us are sitting here thinking “what’s next?” yet there are no definitive answers.  We don’t have a crystal ball, and we cannot say for sure what will happen, who to truly believe, and what is best.  We make phone calls trying to sell our wares or services, we send emails, we do it all, but at times it really feels like it’s all for naught.  I have no idea what’s next for all of us, but what I do know is the key elements I’m personally using to get through all of this.  They are as follows:

NORMALITY:  I do my best every day to wake up and try to approach the day and my business as I would pre pandemic.  I shower, I dress as if I am going into the office (business casual), I put makeup and jewelry on, I do my hair, and I make sure I am ready for any Zoom video conference that may come my way unexpectedly that day.  Then I go about my business of running one recruiting firm and advising for another.

OPTIMISM:  I have always been an optimist.  If there’s a big pile of poo in a room, I am always bound to be looking for the pony underneath it all.  I have to maintain a steadfast belief that we will get through this and the economy and our businesses will rebound.  If I cannot hang on to this belief, then what’s it all worth?

SERVING:  I think it is crucial that we serve others in need.  For years, so many of us recruiters have been so selfish when it comes to giving back to others.  When people reach out to you, whether client or candidate, former employee or even current, perhaps they are out of work and scared, it does a world of good to help them in any way possible.  It may be providing a reference or introducing them to someone in your network.  For me, it’s been a matter of rewriting resumes and doing my best to market people.  Granted, it doesn’t always pan out but ultimately, you’ve done your bit to help and that’s what matters.

FAMILY & FRIENDS:  I make sure each and every day I am spending quality time with my family.  I am spending quiet time in the afternoons in the pool with my husband, quality time with my daughter, and I am doing my best to stay in touch with my aging parents beyond just weekly grocery shopping.  I am also reaching out to friends, current and former teammates, and others that have maybe slipped off my radar up until now.  We all need to know someone cares, so I am trying my best to reach out and let others know how vitally important they are.

FAITH:  And last but certainly not least, I have faith in knowing, for me anyway, that my welfare and the welfare of my family, safely rests in the hands of a Sovereign and Omnipotent Creator.  Some of you don’t believe as I do as we all have free will, but I still feel lead to include this as in reality, this is the most important thing in getting through all this.  The ultimate trick for me has been to simply go about business as (un)usual, and not to let things or situations beyond my control dictate my joy in all circumstances.  Faith over fear is becoming cliché but there’s a reason it’s a catch phrase these days…it’s true. 

In closing, I simply do my best to live a life resting in the security that God’s got me.  I am prepared to face whatever comes my way because I am secure in knowing that when I can walk no more, He carries me.