Fear is a Liar...



Let’s face it.  We are all so uncertain about what the future holds for us.  Our way of life as we know it may be changed forever, both personally and professionally.  It is an especially scary time (terrifying in fact) as we allow the worst case scenarios to flood our thoughts.

When I let my mind run away with me as I did this morning at about 4 am, I go places I really shouldn’t go.  Thoughts like “everyone is getting laid off”, “will companies use external recruiters any more?”, “will my businesses survive?”, “will I be financially ruined?”…thoughts like that, and they are simply not healthy, not healthy at all.  We have ZERO control over most of this and will just have to do what we can to mitigate issues on our end and let the rest that’s out of our control play out.

There’s a song out right now by Zach Williams called “Fear is a Liar” and I try and remind myself of this each and every day.  I am trying very hard to live my life based on hope and positivity as opposed to fear and the dread of things I cannot control.  

For me, being a woman of faith, I am so thankful my assurance rests above and no matter what happens, there is solace in believing that there’s Someone sovereign in control that loves and cares for us even in the midst of the most dire of heartaches and circumstances.  I rest in that.  

I’m hoping and praying this ends in a positive way for all of us. In the interim, if there is anything you need at all on the career front, I’m here.

Stay healthy and stay home…for now.

Kristin Jiles


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